Public Heath for all?

Public Health free for all?

Public health should given free for all..

As we know the public (except the government servant and JKM Welfare I/C holders) are the one who charged by government RM 1 per person as fee.

It should be government duty and responsibility to give free Public Health for all citizen.

let say how many government gets from RM 1.00.

If there are 1 million people who used the public health in Sarawak per year (non government and non JKM Welfare I/C holders),

how much the government earn?

RM 1 x 1 million users= 1 million. the government earn 1 million. Such a big amount but where does the money goes to?

Goes to 30% successful development and 70% government failure development (corruption).?

Goes to financed Taib Dynasty and Crony legacy?

What about those who poorer and those  who have many kids.

Does they eligible to get free Public Health?

All citizen of Malaysia should given free Public Health.

Doesn’t care they are civil servant or not..

They are taxes payer. They deserve it, free Public health

One more issue regarding Public Health, they are not friendly user.

Some of the medical staff are not friendly to the user

like what what happen in Klinik Tanah Putih they are no counters open for Elderly and Special needs

They have to queue for long time. Even they are some medical staff rude to the elderly

Where does the maxims goes “budi bahasa budaya kita”

better future for all.. towards bangsa Malaysia

Above is a Scenery at Rajah Charles Brooke Hospital

Some medical staff are friendly some are not


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