STAR position on Land Issues:
(1) STAR will recognizes all claims as had been determined by the Courts. All appeals made against Court rulings will be withdrawn immediately.

(2) As for cases still in the Courts, STAR would like to see them settled as soon as possible.

(3) Land titles will be issued for all NCR lands with a lease. The term of the lease is to be determined in consultation with respective villages where the lease can be transferred to any one with the proviso that at the end of the lease the said land will be reverted to the original village. District Officers will be empowered as before to help decide land cases.

(4) The act of issuing Provisional Lease for any Plantation will stopped until a comprehensive review is made idle land use is made. A social economic study will be made on existing plantations will be made immediately.

(5) SALCRA management will be reverted to the Owners to decide as it were at the beginning of the Scheme. CEO of SALCRA shall only do the co-ordination and supervisory role.

(6) Masterplan for all towns, big or small, will made and land use will be encouraged according to the main plan without extra costs for approval by Authorities concerned.

(7) Renewal of leases will be done automaticly at nominal costs lower than presently offered provided there is no objection made against it.


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