President Foreword 2004 – Dr Patau Rubis

In order to move forward SARAWAKIAN must be ready to work hard for better future together. We must be fully committed to work hard as a team to provide an alternative to the present politics of so-called Development that is clear by now to be a only development of politics of Dominance and exploitation by certain groups who are determined to control all available resources including NCR land that, by right and custom, belong to native of Sarawak for their own use dan survival.

To ensure that we can overcome the challenges which bar us from becoming a fully developed State at peace itself, we must be committed to squash the politics of “Development” and replace it Politics of Reconciliation and Integration. This is necessary as today’s politics demands that the people are controlled by their respective leaders through the use politics of patronage and, during election, through money politics. These necessities require that the bulk of the rural poor must remain impoverished so that money politics will be more effective as a vote buying strategy. It also need a massive propaganda machinery to ensure that the people remain ignorant of their rights and knowing the necessity and benefits of a real democratic process. Under these circumstance, the State will never progress to its full potential. Hence the need for Politics of Reconciliation and Integration as our modus   operandi to  develop Sarawak to its full potential, to ensure not only a peaceful and stable future but a place where all races can work together happily  without feeling that they are being discriminated against by race or religion.


Dr. Patau Rubis



27th March 2004


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