President Foreword- Dr. Patau Rubis (1996)

Our common future and destiny are in our own hands. What we do on polling day will determine the future we shall have. On that day, we shall sow the seeds for our tomorrow. What we sow then shall be our harvest for the next four or more years. It is that simple mark on the ballot slip that shall determine the future of Sarawak, your future and that your children and grandchildren. It is that small action which can build or ruin our common future.

I therefore appeal to my friends to ponder on the four main reasons on why political reform is necessary at this point in the history of our beloved Sarawak. This is also time to remind ourselves of the original meaning of Democracy as espoused by Abraham Lincoln – a Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. It is vital for the people to have a full say in the Government to ensure:

1. The sustenance and continued existence of the good things we have today;

2. The establishment and development of good things we have yet today and the removal and riddance of all the bad things existing today;

3. The sustenance of the self-respect and esteem of all individual; and

4. The sustenance, enhancement and development of the respect and image of both Sarawak and Malaysia.

Only with all the benefits, the self-esteem of individuals and the good image of each community can we progress further to become the nation we can truly be. We can then build on the natural resources and the human potentials we possess efficiently  and effectively.

I am grateful to a number of friends who have helped in crystallizing the aspiration and vision of STAR, the State Reform Party, Sarawak. My sincere thanks is also due to all friends and supporters for the encouragement and support, especially those who dare to pave the way for me at this tring hour. To all of you, God bless.

To fellow Sarawakians who also dare to stand up and be counted despite the insurmountable odds, thank you for the courage to move together with us for a better and more progressive Sarawak.

Follow the STAR- the way to a better future for all.


Dr Patau Rubis


State Reform Party ,Sarawak (STAR)



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