Challanges for Sarawakian: An Introduction

The Party is committed to a total holistic development of the State to enable it to become an important and active player of the developed Malaysia as envisioned in the “Vision 2020”. The Party’s definition of development does not just cover physical development but it includes personal, psychological and social aspects as well as ensuring full justice and fairness to all people in the State.

The Party is committed to a quality service to the people of the State, both by the Government and the Civil Service. The role of the Government and the Civil Service is to serve people, and to help them achieve their aspiration and goals. The Civil Service shall be neutral and shall be the implementor of Government’s policies, not be a mere appendage of the ruling Party. At the same time the Government will lead the people and the State to develop new roles, values and solutions to face the challenges of the new Century.

The Party subscribes fully to, and will practice the tenets of, cleanliness, efficiency and trustworthiness in all its affairs and will ensure that the Civil Service does the same.

The Party will work closely with Federal Authorities to Develop the State along the concept of total development to ensure the full participation of all sector.

The Party strongly supports and shares  vision embodied in “Vision 2020”. This document presents a brief overview of the Party’s plan for the State to address the nine challenges put forward to realize a “Vision 2020” for the country. This document explain the Party’s briefs, its definitions and concepts of key components and aspects of the challenges described. The document also briefly describes the proposed measures that the Party will implement to address these challenges.

* Proposed measures that State Reform Party (STAR) will implement to address nine challenges will publish on 1/01/2011.

If you want changes and you not a registered as voter then;

REGISTER AS VOTER at Nearest Post Office Branches

If your Family, Relative and friends are Not a registered as voter then;


If you loves Malaysian, mostly Sarawak then;



Behalf STAR would like to wishes all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 to all supporters and thanks for being with us all these time.

May Next year will be better, blessed and prosperity year for all of Malaysian, mostly Sarawakian.


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