Challenges for Sarawakian: First Challenge- STAR Propose Measures Implementation

Establishing a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny- that is to strive as a nation of peace, with itself territorially and ethnically integrated, living in harmony and full and fair partnership, made up of one Bangsa Malaysia with political loyalty and dedication to the Nation.

The Party believe in “Unity in Diversity”. The Party does not believe in homogeneity. The cultural, ethnic, and social diversity that the States has now will be maintained, sustained, and encouraged through due and appropriate recognitions and awards. What is important is that all citizen profess full, unconditional loyalty to the Nation and the State voluntary.

The Party believes that a united nation is based upon steady mental attitude and an adoption by the people of a national value system. It is neither based upon ritualistic and physical behaviour, nor upon intermittent, compulsory and expensive public displays of loyalty and patriotism.

The Party believes that loyalty and patriotism cannot be force upon the people. It can be inculcated. People must believe in the system and execution of governance and believe that the system is proper, fair and equitable to them. Therefore fair and equitable implementation of the laws and of development are important and key components in establishing a united Nation and States.

The Party fully subscribes to the notion of a “Bangsa Malaysia”. The “Bangsa Malaysia” is based upon the aspirations of everybody in the country. It does not belong to, and is not based upon, any particular group. It is a mental model that embodies all the values that drive and sustain the Nation towards and beyond achieving developed nation status. It is a status that every Malaysian will ascribe to with pride and dignity.

Since the creation of Malaysia in 1963, there has been great achievement in nation building. Compared to many former colonies that are still wrought by internal conflicts even today, Malaysia is a model in national building. There is a greater awareness and appreciation of the people of different cultures and regions within the country. There is definitely very close and good interaction among various groups. Malaysian now identify easily with universal causes such as environment, AIDS, the arts, etc., which transcend cultural and regional barriers.

However, we cannot take these achievements for granted. The progress that has been achieved in nation-building needs to be maintained, sustained and developed. We still have rudiments of parochialism and regionalism that need to be addressed with dilligence.

In the States, development is unevenly distributed, and its benefits unevenly shared. Favouritism and victimisation exist in the governance of the States. These element are not conducive to the development of patriotic and loyal citizenry in the State. It also sows the seeds of discontentment, disillusionment and dissatisfaction.

In order to enable the State to play its part in the development of a united Malaysia, the Party will implement the following measures:

  • Introduce and sponsor voluntary programmes to help Sarawakians master the use of the national language.
  • Introduce and sponsor programmes encourage cross-cultural and cross-regional interactions among the people. The Party will also work closely with the Federal and other State Governments on such programmes.
  • Cooperate with the Federal Government to develop a national value system that emphasized nationalism, and to review and re-emphasize the “Rukun Negara” in the development of the State and Nation
  • Promote equitable and fair development in the State, and eliminate any form and practice of favouritism and victimisation  in the States.
  • Introduce and sponsor programmes to explain and introduce the concept, objectives and aspirations of “Vision 2020” among the people, beyond mere sloganeering.

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