Challenge for Sarawakian: Second Challenge- STAR Propose Measures Implementation

Creating a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society with faith and confidence in itself, justifiably proud of what it is and what has been accomplished, and robust enough to face challenges and all manners of diversity.

The party believes that the psychologically liberated individual is the basis of a psychologically liberated nation. Every citizen must be psychologically free to speak out his or her opinions on matter that affects the individual, the community and the country.

Since independence, Malaysia has achieved high standing and great respect in the international arena. This has boosted tremendously the people’s beliefs in themselves as a nation.

The States does not have a psychologically liberated citizenry. People are still stifled by a pervasive culture of fear and intimidation and are afraid to speak out. Distribution of the State’s resources and development is tied closely to subservience to the Government.

The Party will eradicate the culture of fear and intimidation and the culture of political enticement and patronage in the State to encourage individuals to speak out for their rights, especially when infringed. The Party realizes that the Government is not infallible on all matters affecting its constituents. The Party also realizes that the intellect and contributions from the people and that the people will be its greatest asset in realising a psychologically liberated nation.

In order to achieve a society where people are not afraid to speak up for their rights and a Government that is willing to include all viewpoints, the Party:

  • Will introduce and encourage programmes to inculcate value and self-esteem among the people, and to encourage them to be responsible for their own future. The Party will introduce “ meet and listen to the people” sessions unlike the current “meet the people” sessions which are merely conduits for the politicians to force their plans on people ,
  • Will also ensure equitable and fair distribution of the fruits of development and to allow merits and economic needs to be determinant factor, not political bias,
  • Will reduce the role of Special Branch as a tool of the Government of the Day and divert their activities more towards crime fighting and political education,
  • Will educate people on the need to be politically aware of their roles and responsibilities as citizens in order to ensure the practice of good politics.

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