Challanges for Sarawakian: An Introduction

The Party is committed to a total holistic development of the State to enable it to become an important and active player of the developed Malaysia as envisioned in the “Vision 2020”. The Party’s definition of development does not just cover physical development but it includes personal, psychological and social aspects as well as ensuring full justice and fairness to all people in the State.

The Party is committed to a quality service to the people of the State, both by the Government and the Civil Service. The role of the Government and the Civil Service is to serve people, and to help them achieve their aspiration and goals. The Civil Service shall be neutral and shall be the implementor of Government’s policies, not be a mere appendage of the ruling Party. At the same time the Government will lead the people and the State to develop new roles, values and solutions to face the challenges of the new Century.

The Party subscribes fully to, and will practice the tenets of, cleanliness, efficiency and trustworthiness in all its affairs and will ensure that the Civil Service does the same.

The Party will work closely with Federal Authorities to Develop the State along the concept of total development to ensure the full participation of all sector.

The Party strongly supports and shares  vision embodied in “Vision 2020”. This document presents a brief overview of the Party’s plan for the State to address the nine challenges put forward to realize a “Vision 2020” for the country. This document explain the Party’s briefs, its definitions and concepts of key components and aspects of the challenges described. The document also briefly describes the proposed measures that the Party will implement to address these challenges.

* Proposed measures that State Reform Party (STAR) will implement to address nine challenges will publish on 1/01/2011.

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Behalf STAR would like to wishes all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 to all supporters and thanks for being with us all these time.

May Next year will be better, blessed and prosperity year for all of Malaysian, mostly Sarawakian.


President Foreword- Dr. Patau Rubis (1996)

Our common future and destiny are in our own hands. What we do on polling day will determine the future we shall have. On that day, we shall sow the seeds for our tomorrow. What we sow then shall be our harvest for the next four or more years. It is that simple mark on the ballot slip that shall determine the future of Sarawak, your future and that your children and grandchildren. It is that small action which can build or ruin our common future.

I therefore appeal to my friends to ponder on the four main reasons on why political reform is necessary at this point in the history of our beloved Sarawak. This is also time to remind ourselves of the original meaning of Democracy as espoused by Abraham Lincoln – a Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. It is vital for the people to have a full say in the Government to ensure:

1. The sustenance and continued existence of the good things we have today;

2. The establishment and development of good things we have yet today and the removal and riddance of all the bad things existing today;

3. The sustenance of the self-respect and esteem of all individual; and

4. The sustenance, enhancement and development of the respect and image of both Sarawak and Malaysia.

Only with all the benefits, the self-esteem of individuals and the good image of each community can we progress further to become the nation we can truly be. We can then build on the natural resources and the human potentials we possess efficiently  and effectively.

I am grateful to a number of friends who have helped in crystallizing the aspiration and vision of STAR, the State Reform Party, Sarawak. My sincere thanks is also due to all friends and supporters for the encouragement and support, especially those who dare to pave the way for me at this tring hour. To all of you, God bless.

To fellow Sarawakians who also dare to stand up and be counted despite the insurmountable odds, thank you for the courage to move together with us for a better and more progressive Sarawak.

Follow the STAR- the way to a better future for all.


Dr Patau Rubis


State Reform Party ,Sarawak (STAR)


President Foreword 2004 – Dr Patau Rubis

In order to move forward SARAWAKIAN must be ready to work hard for better future together. We must be fully committed to work hard as a team to provide an alternative to the present politics of so-called Development that is clear by now to be a only development of politics of Dominance and exploitation by certain groups who are determined to control all available resources including NCR land that, by right and custom, belong to native of Sarawak for their own use dan survival.

To ensure that we can overcome the challenges which bar us from becoming a fully developed State at peace itself, we must be committed to squash the politics of “Development” and replace it Politics of Reconciliation and Integration. This is necessary as today’s politics demands that the people are controlled by their respective leaders through the use politics of patronage and, during election, through money politics. These necessities require that the bulk of the rural poor must remain impoverished so that money politics will be more effective as a vote buying strategy. It also need a massive propaganda machinery to ensure that the people remain ignorant of their rights and knowing the necessity and benefits of a real democratic process. Under these circumstance, the State will never progress to its full potential. Hence the need for Politics of Reconciliation and Integration as our modus   operandi to  develop Sarawak to its full potential, to ensure not only a peaceful and stable future but a place where all races can work together happily  without feeling that they are being discriminated against by race or religion.


Dr. Patau Rubis



27th March 2004


STAR position on Land Issues:
(1) STAR will recognizes all claims as had been determined by the Courts. All appeals made against Court rulings will be withdrawn immediately.

(2) As for cases still in the Courts, STAR would like to see them settled as soon as possible.

(3) Land titles will be issued for all NCR lands with a lease. The term of the lease is to be determined in consultation with respective villages where the lease can be transferred to any one with the proviso that at the end of the lease the said land will be reverted to the original village. District Officers will be empowered as before to help decide land cases.

(4) The act of issuing Provisional Lease for any Plantation will stopped until a comprehensive review is made idle land use is made. A social economic study will be made on existing plantations will be made immediately.

(5) SALCRA management will be reverted to the Owners to decide as it were at the beginning of the Scheme. CEO of SALCRA shall only do the co-ordination and supervisory role.

(6) Masterplan for all towns, big or small, will made and land use will be encouraged according to the main plan without extra costs for approval by Authorities concerned.

(7) Renewal of leases will be done automaticly at nominal costs lower than presently offered provided there is no objection made against it.

Capacity building for Graduate (CBG) another State Government labotary white rat project?

CBG Background

The economic downturn that the world is facing today has resulted in a much less predictable and fast changing labour market. The work environment now requires participants to have certain skills in addition to their academic qualification to ensure that employees are able to sustain their economic competitiveness. Due to the lack of work related experience and skills some participants are facing difficulties in finding jobs.

In view of that, the Sarawak government through the Chief Minister’s Department has initiated the Capacity Building Programme for Graduates. The Objective of the program is to build capacity of the participants through training and retraining of the participants. It is also to prepare them with the necessary knowledge and skills to increase their employability and marketability in the job market. This programme is part of an effort to meet the demand for skilled workers, participants and professionals required for Sarawak Corridor for Renewable Energy (SCORE).

CBG Objective

“The objective of this programme is to undertake capacity building through training and retraining of unemployed graduates.”

CBG Logo


Duration of the training program is for 2 years ending in June 2011.

Critic on these State Government Program:-

Baitul Mal:-

A deduction of RM2 and RM1 for muslim participant with degree or diploma holders respectively as contribution to Baitulmal.

Let say what Baitul Mal get from participant;

RM 2 (degree holders) and RM 1 (diploma holders)

how much will the Baitul Mal get from participant?

Assumption (let pick the lowest amount),

100 Muslim participant (degree holder2) and 100 Muslim participant (diploma holders)

100 Muslim participant (degree holders) x RM 2 = RM 200

100 Muslim participant (degree holders) x RM 1 = RM 100

Baitul Mal gets RM 300 each month.

let say what Baitul Mal get for 12 month = RM 300 x 12 month = RM 3600

Is the money are use usefully by Baitul Mal?


The graduate that are given;

RM 920 allowance – degree holder. minus EPF. they get about RM 845+ net payment.

RM 720 allowance – degree holder. minus EPF. they get about RM 645+ net payment.

this payment are not worth to the participant due to the living cost that are keep increasing nowadays.

they have to spent in the cost of their petrol, pay back the PTPTN loan (study loan), foods and others expenditure.

The Sarawak States government have to consider to raise their payment.

Their working effort are not worth their payment sometimes.

They have to work hard sometimes to become government and company and become the “servicement”.

but does they effort worth?

CBG Participant just a one of the State Government labotary white rat project?

Please raise the pay Government!

better future for all,

toward Bangsa Malaysia.

Public Heath for all?

Public Health free for all?

Public health should given free for all..

As we know the public (except the government servant and JKM Welfare I/C holders) are the one who charged by government RM 1 per person as fee.

It should be government duty and responsibility to give free Public Health for all citizen.

let say how many government gets from RM 1.00.

If there are 1 million people who used the public health in Sarawak per year (non government and non JKM Welfare I/C holders),

how much the government earn?

RM 1 x 1 million users= 1 million. the government earn 1 million. Such a big amount but where does the money goes to?

Goes to 30% successful development and 70% government failure development (corruption).?

Goes to financed Taib Dynasty and Crony legacy?

What about those who poorer and those  who have many kids.

Does they eligible to get free Public Health?

All citizen of Malaysia should given free Public Health.

Doesn’t care they are civil servant or not..

They are taxes payer. They deserve it, free Public health

One more issue regarding Public Health, they are not friendly user.

Some of the medical staff are not friendly to the user

like what what happen in Klinik Tanah Putih they are no counters open for Elderly and Special needs

They have to queue for long time. Even they are some medical staff rude to the elderly

Where does the maxims goes “budi bahasa budaya kita”

better future for all.. towards bangsa Malaysia

Above is a Scenery at Rajah Charles Brooke Hospital

Some medical staff are friendly some are not

Politics- your life and future – Patau Rubis

“Politics is dirty”, is the most frequent answer to those who want to know what is going on but refuse to be involved in politics. Even some who are registered members of poltical parties make the same comments to me often times…

My standard answer is and will be the same. “Politics IS NOT dirty, but some politicians ARE and they pollute poltics making it appears dirty.” I also add, “Politics is vital to life for it determines the type of life we can have.”

In fact politics is like water and fresh air is essential for the survival and well being of mankind. Without good and healthy politics a nation can die and a new Government or nation will evolve. For instance, Malaysia was born out of the politics of Imperialism and the surge of Communism. The fear of Federation of Malaya being overwhelmed by the Communists led to the birth of Malaysia.

The need for some to have the racial security and power, they form racially based parties. Failing in achieving their forces alone they would form block of racial parties under a common agenda and symbol, BN of Malaysia. In some countries they will form a coalition after an election in order to govern as it is done now in England between the Conservative Party and Liberal Party.

A good government can help the nation to progress and achieved economic success unexpected like Singapore. A government which only talks but remain ineffective, you will have some countries like our other neighbours. Malaysia can be better but too much politicking and too little concern to get rid of politics of Patronage has mired us to our present state of affairs where our nation may default on our debts if “subsidies continue” said Idris Jala…

In order to avoid defaulting on our debts, it is vital that good and honest professionals and individuals to be fully involved to replace those in BN who are letting us down now. Most of them are a waste of time and money but they will remain there unless more concerned individuals get in. I has made the mistake of thinking that anyone can do the political job until I realized that the Bidayuh will get nowhere in 1982. To ensure that Sarawak reach its full potential more people are needed to stand for what is right for all Sarawakians. We cannot leave our fate to the present set of leaders.

Sarawak needs to change from its present set of leaders who could not stand criticisms but sent out rude remarks to NGOS and others who care about our environment and Biodiversity. We cannot be blind to the destruction we have impacted on our environments. We have to mitigate against flooding we have created to Kuching for instance. Politics of Development must be people friendly. We must enhance our environment rather than damaging it. We must spread the wealth rather than to concentrate it to the few to control and rule the rest…

To get the work done though, we need your full involvement to clean up Sarawak politics… Be a contributing member of any party and be vigilant against political parasites in your respective party or better still join hands with me to do so… – Dr. Patau Rubis